Anant Agarwal

Here I will try to answer a few FAQs based on the most popular questions that I receive from clients (especially for wedding shoots). In case this doesn’t answer your queries please feel free to email me your requirements and queries at [email protected]

1. What is shooting style that you incorporate?
Nobody likes to see the same fashion of pictures every time. Each wedding, any event is unique in its own right. I try to capture and portray their singularities with a tinge of candidness, and a dash of ingenuity. The saying goes that 'change is the only constant'; I believe that sticking to a particular style of photography makes the process tedious. With a team of like minded colleagues, each with their distinctive methodology in shooting, we ensure that every picture we deliver to the client has its own charm.
Along with still candid photography, we shoot candid/cinematographic videos and films to give you an enriching experience for moments you will cherish for a lifetime.

2. Where are you based? Do you travel for shoots?
I am based out of Dehra Dun and Delhi but I am hardly found at the office since I love to travel and am almost continuously on the move due to work related travel since not every shoot or assignment is in based in the same place. As one would call it I carry my office and my work with me where ever I go.

3. What are your charges and fees?
Since every event or wedding or any other kind of shoot is unique in its own way there cannot be a general fee for all as it would not be justifiable hence it is best that you first email me your requirements so that I can design the best possible package for you which fits right into your budget and expectations.

4. What equipment do you use?
Capturing that precious moment with every detail possible is my top priority and thus I keep in my baggage the best possible equipment required to get that perfect shot and regularly keep updating the equipment along with the changing trends in the industry and technology. There’s a long list of equipment that is used in every shoot and in case you have any specific demands regarding the equipment I will try and cater to that too.

5. Do you offer photo books and albums?
Yes there are a whole lot of choices of photobooks and albums that we offer ranging from standard to luxury to leather bound to custom etc. In case you have any specific demands then we can deliver that too.

6. How many number of pictures do you deliver and in how many days?
I try and capture each and every possible candid moment but the number of pictures depend upon the event itself hence it is not right to put a specific limit to the pictures but you can expect anywhere between 200 to 400 images per day of shooting. Again this is just an estimate and the final numbers may vary largely.
Since the images need to be post processed so as to deliver the best of the lot, after the tedious process of multiple selections, sorting and retouching, I deliver the final photographs within 9 to 11 weeks of the last day of the shoot depending on the other projects I am working on. Although it usually takes much lesser time since I believe the photographs should reach the clients as soon as possible.

7. How many photographers and videographers do you provide?
It is understood that one photographer alone cannot capture the essence of the whole wedding or an event hence I have a team of photographers and videographers whom I work alongside so that no moment is lost and captured for eternity. This includes usually 3 to 4 still photographers and 2 to 3 cinematographers/videographers (numbers depending upon the size of the gathering and the scale of the event).

8. What are the usage rights of the photographs you shoot?
Each image we produce is piece of art thus the artist alone holds the copyright of that image. Therefore, I shall be the sole owner of the copyright of the photographs and right to publish them at different media for promotional purposes or any other purpose thereof since it is important to showcase our best works of which you are an important part so that we can reach a greater audience and appreciation.
Having said that, I respect the “right to privacy” of my clients and thus in case you do not want me to share the images in any form, platform or media an arrangement for the same can be made and agreed upon at a suitable cost.
However, the clients are free to use the photographs I shoot for them for any non-commercial purposes including but not restricted to prints, albums, sharing on social media etc. as long as they are not deriving any monetary benefit out of it (in absence of an agreement to the contrary).

9. What are your terms of booking and payment?
It is advised that you get in touch with me as soon as possible so that I can block my dates for your events. The earlier you get in touch, better are the chances of my availability.

To book me for your events first please send me an email including the following details so that I can revert with a suitable package for you and help you move ahead with the booking process.

To get started, please email me the following details at [email protected] :

(i) Do you require only still photography OR both Still Photography & Cinematography?
(ii) The exact dates of the wedding/events and all other functions (whether big or small events, their tentative timings and durations, and whether it’ll be held outdoors or indoors).
(iii) The venue of the wedding, with locations of each functions/events and the city or town.
(iv) The style of wedding (i.e. whether Hindu/Maharastrian/Punjabi/Christian/Islamic/Bohri etc.) and a detailed description of what you’ve planned (So that I have a clear picture in my mind as to the rituals and customs).
(v) An estimate of the number of guests (so that I can decided as to how many photographers/cinematographers would be required).
(vi) Whether or not a traditional stage meet & greet reception is planned.
(vii) If you have any special requirements too like a pre wedding shoot, post wedding shoot, honeymoon shoots, photo books, etc.
(viii) Your contact Details.
(ix) In case of any other type of shoot requirement please do mention the relevant details.

Once this is done, I will check my calendar and depending on my availability call/mail you back.